New Black Narrative Exhibition is a collective group exhibition by the group Black Creative's Bristol. Historically Black art and the work of Black artists have been pigeonholed & often restricted into exploring certain themes & topics by structurally white, eurocentric institutions. As a collective we had the desire to to break away from this subconscious expectation or norm & decided to create an exhibition that supports & showcases a New Black Narrative.

Exploring themes around Black intimacy, Black Joy & Black Vulnerability. 

BLK L.O.V.E  is a series exploring  my  interpretation of the feelings of Black Love through care, feeling safe, joy, space for vulnerability & having each others backs. The main focus to start the series was to show the Black man doing the Black woman's hair through tender care. As we ALWAYS are shown the Black women doing the Black Mans hair but in reality we deserve to be nurtured & have our hair done by the man.

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